Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Skin Must-Haves

The holiday season is fast approaching.  And while we enjoy the camaraderie, giving, receiving and joy, we tend to focus on the never ending to-do list - the cooking, baking, preparing and getting everything just right--only to step back from the mirror to gaze upon the look of neglect.  Staring back at us is a tired, wrinkled, puffy-eyed face that is supposed to be in a holiday dress smiling like June cleaver by the end of the week.  Add traveling halfway across the county by car or plane, and the damage to fix increases tenfold. 


There are scientific explanations for why our skin goes berserk at times. A large cause is the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for blood pressure regulation, immune function and inflammatory response. During times of chronic stress, like the holidays, cortisol can reach prolonged high levels, causing impaired cognitive function, elevated blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances and breakouts. Add cold weather and dry indoor heating, and a plan for healthy skin becomes imperative.
Fortunately, Suede Salon Spa and Body carries CosMedix to make it easy for you to face the holiday hustle and bustle with a radiant glow. The CosMedix Correct Kit is an easy, four-step skin correction routine that’s appropriate for everyone. Approved by the FAA, this travel-sized kit contains everything you need to cleanse, protect, hydrate and correct your skin on the go.
Starting with Benefit Clean, a chemical-free, shea butter-rich cleanser formulated for all skin types, the Correct Kit removes dirt, impurities and even stubborn waterproof makeup to cleanse and prime skin for correction. To undo environmental damage and protect the skin, Affirm antioxidant serum then infuses it with over ten active antioxidants.Hydrate+, a chemical-free, hydrating sun protector, soothes and protects the skin from the elements. Lastly, Define refinishing treatment helps to combat the multitude of concerns—from fine lines, discoloration and uneven texture to breakouts, dehydration and loss of elasticity.
While the Correct Kit will help you achieve a flawless complexion, there are a few must-haves to include in your holiday/winter regimen. Opti Crystal not only combats signs of aging around the delicate eye area, it also hydrates, smoothes, sets concealer and reflects light away from fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Used on the lips, Opti Crystal is a nourishing treatment that also helps prevent vertical lines and rehydrates even the driest chapped lips.
If you need a bit of extra winter hydration, send Rescue balm to the, well, rescue. This soothing at-home treatment mask not only rehydrates lackluster skin, but also infuses it with antioxidants to save it from the damage of too much travel, lack of sleep and stress. An immediate pick-me-up, Rescue balm is perfect anytime your complexion needs a little help. It’s also great for dry hands, feet, elbows and knees.
Lastly, when all else fails—when you’ve waited too long, traveled too far and stressed too much—head to your nearest Suede Salon Spa and Body for a quick, no-downtime Today’s Peel. Designed to immediately revive, exfoliate, soften and correct multiple concerns, chirally correct CosMedix treatments like Blueberry SmoothiePomegranate PeelBenefit Peel and Purity Peel will get your skin in shape without the wait. So, with the holidays approaching, the to-do list a mile long, and too little time to spare, reach for the Correct Kit and rest assured that help is on the way.  Call today for your Free Skin Consultation 856-985-0700.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Change Her Look...Change Her Life Make-Over Contest

This October, Suede is holding a Make-Over Contest.  We are asking you to nominate a woman whom you think best deserves a Make-Over.    The winner will receive a day of beauty that will  “Change Her Look and Change Her Life”.  The elected winner will experience a Radiance Facial, Color, Hair-cut, Blow-dry and Style along with an Instructional Make-Over and Signature Manicure compliments of Suede Salon and Spa.  We aren’t stopping there, the winner will also create Two New Clothing Outfits retailing at $500 with our very own Image Consultant/Personal Shopper, Heidi.    

We’ve never done something quite like this and cannot wait to see how we can empower a Woman Nominated and Elected by our Facebook friends.   For this contest we will be accepting Nominees up until October 15, 2013.  We will then post our Top Three Stories on October 16th and you will get to vote on who you think should win by just liking their picture.  Voting will end at midnight on October 31st and the winner will be announced on November 1, 2013.

Here are the rules:
  • First, you must like our page on Facebook to have your nomination considered.  https://www.facebook.com/suedesalonandspa
  • Nominate any Woman you feel deserves a Make-Over.  All types of Woman are eligible.  A Mom who has become the family’s chauffeur and maid to the Woman stuck in the 80’s .  Wife, Homemaker, Professional Woman, nominate them all!
  • Message the details of your nominee to us on Facebook
  • You can nominate only 1 Woman
  • You must include their full name, phone number and email address.  Just a way for us to get in contact with her if she wins!
  • Nomination letter must include the reasons why you believe she should be nominated. 
  • Your nomination must include a clear, good quality photo
  • All nominations must be submitted before Monday, October 15th at midnight
  • Employees and Employee Family members cannot participate
  • Salon Spa and Personal Shopping will be completed by November 15, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Peels with the Power to Change the Skin and the Results to Prove It

The Proof is in the Peel

Few cosmetic treatments can change the skin’s appearance more dramatically than a professional facial peel. From correcting troublesome conditions, like acne or hyperpigmentation, to simply giving the skin a rejuvenating “lift,” peels exist for a variety of purposes. However, navigating the bloated peel market all alone–and the claims that each product makes–can be a daunting task. If you’re considering a facial peel, the myriad choices available can seem overwhelming without a solid benchmark for comparison. And for most people, that benchmark is the proof that a product performs as promised.
For Suede Salon, Spa and Body's , proof is easy to come by. Suede's Estheticians are known for their ability to create  a healthy complexion without irritation, Suede only uses peels that back up their product claims with hard evidence for years. And with a proven collection of non-wounding peels for all skin types, you won’t have to scour the earth to find the right treatment for your unique concerns.
For those looking to correct superficial flaws and revitalize the skin, Today’s Peels offer a gentle, no-downtime alternative to harsh chemical peels. Instead of forcing the skin to repair itself with damaging chemicals, Our peels work with the skin’s own chemistry to encourage healthy exfoliation and renewal. Using chirally correct ingredients–ingredients purified at the molecular level for maximum potency with minimal irritation risk–Today’s Peels require no prior preparation, yet are powerful enough to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, oily and acne-prone skin.
Blueberry Smoothie $75
Combining antioxidant blueberry extract with stimulating L-lactic acid and blue corn meal, Blueberry Smoothie is a powerful yet gentle exfoliating peel and scrub. An exceptional blemish treatment, this light peel effectively corrects an assortment of superficial skin concerns, from sun damage to multiple degrees of discoloration. So impressive are its results that Blueberry Smoothie is among Suede's top-selling treatments.
Pomegranate Peel $75
Designed to even out the top layers of the skin, Pomegranate Peel infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants while stimulating collagen to smooth over rough skin and correct uneven texture and tone. Combining 15 percent L-lactic acid–a chirally correct alpha hydroxyl acid derived from milk–with some of nature’s most effective free radical fighters, including red wine resveratrol, pomegranate seed oil and astaxanthin–a marine carotenoid 500 times more potent than vitamin E–Pomegranate Peel is remarkably gentle catalyst for change.
Benefit Peel  $100
Benefit Peel truly is a peel for all skin types. Utilizing encapsulated retinol, this stimulating antioxidant peel is especially effective at neutralizing hyperpigmented, problem and prematurely aged skin types. In fact, in recent clinical testing, 91 percent of Benefit Peel recipients reported brighter skin, more uniform tone and less apparent wrinkles in just six weeks.
Purity Peel  $125
A unique blend of five chirally correct acids, Purity Peel is the answer to oily and acne-prone skin. Made with 10 percent encapsulated retinol and over four percent salicylic acid and L-TCA complex, this maximum strength clarifying peel effectively exfoliates problem skin, unclogs pores and eliminates toxins and impurities with amazing results. In clinical testing, over 95 percent reported clearer skin and fewer and less severe breakouts in just four weeks.
Call today for your Complimentary Skin Consultation and learn what peel is best for your skin type.  856-985-0700.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LG-Retinex The Most Popular Anti-Aging Ingredient


The New Gold Standard in Anti-Aging

For decades, retinol has reigned supreme as the final word in age defiance. A mainstay of anti-aging skincare and professional treatments, retinol’s greatest strength–its ability to aggressively stimulate renewal–was also its biggest drawback, as it often irritated the skin in the process. Despite countless attempts, few could harness it power for peak performance without irritation–until now. Thanks to innovations in skincare science, CosMedix has definitively answered the retinol challenge. Meet the new gold standard in anti-aging: LG-Retinex.

A Revolution in Retinol
Containing not one, but two retinoids–retinol and retinal–in a one-of-a-kind encapsulation, LG-Retinex is unrivaled in potency, penetration and stability. “It takes two metabolic steps to convert retinol to retinoic acid and only one metabolic step to convert retinal to retinoic acid,” says Noureddine Mriouah, Principal Scientist for Astral Brands. “Among retinoids precursors, retinol and retinal are the nearest, on a metabolic pathway, to retinoic acid and are likely to match its benefits more closely.”

Combining high concentrations of both retinoids, this groundbreaking compound is the closest thing to prescription-strength age defiance without a prescription. However, despite its power, LG-Retinex is remarkably gentle. Featuring an “intelligent encapsulation” system, this unique ingredient helps neutralize retinol’s trademark irritation without compromising its performance.

Better Delivery. Better Results.
Another part of what makes LG-Retinex so dramatically effective is its liposomal delivery system. Designed to pass through various water-and-lipid-soluble barriers within the skin’s surface–barriers nature put in place to keep outside elements out–LG-Retinex is able to reach its target destination without sacrificing potency. The addition of glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs, further aids the delivery and retinoid conversion process. Together, these key components bring CosMedix’s dual retinoid compound to where it can do the most good–stimulating renewal and exfoliation to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and advanced signs of aging.

Proof in Numbers
While LG-Retinex is working hard beneath the surface, above it the results are plain to see. In a six-week clinical study of CosMedix’s newest superformula, Serum 16 with 16% LG-Retinex, users noticed a radically reduced appearance of deep lines, crow’s feet and more.

Within two weeks, 88 percent of participants reported a firmer feel, while 100 percent reported a softer, smoother texture. Within four weeks, 75 percent reported less apparent wrinkles, while 88 percent reported a healthier, more radiant appearance. And by week six, 88 percent reported visible diminished fine lines and wrinkles, while 100 percent reported a brighter, more even-looking skin tone.

Leading the Way
While traditional retinol products will surely remain a fixture of spas and beauty stores for years to come, their reign as skincare’s #1 anti-aging solution has come to an end. Thanks to LG-Retinex, consumers no longer must choose between irritation and radiant, age-defying results. For retinol users everywhere, it’s a beautiful new day.

Call today to book you Complimentary Skin Consultation and learn what LG-Retinex products can do for your skin.  856-985-0700

Thursday, September 12, 2013

8 Skincare Words You Hear But Might Not Know What They Mean

definitions of skincare terms
If you’ve ever picked up a skincare product and felt a little stumped, you are not alone. Even the biggest beauty fanatics can have a hard time keeping up with the evolving dermatology-speak popping up on products left and right. To help us wade through the diction and learn why these key words matter to us, we reached out to Dr. Mona Gohara,Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale and co‐founder of k&j sunprotective clothing.
AHA/BHA: Two types of acids that are very useful in the fight against acne, exfoliation, anti-aging, and overall skin maintenance.
Antioxidant: The antidote against free radicals, antioxidants protect cells from damage that causes aging and even cancer. They can come in the form of synthetic chemicals, vitamins, or foods. Some antioxidant-packed foods include kiwis, mulberries, blueberries blackberries, prunes, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, red grapes, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, beets and red bell pepper.
Barrier Function: The skin's barrier (the epidermis) is the outermost layer. Its main function is to keep water in, so that the skin is well hydrated and moisturized.
Collagen: One of the most important structural proteins in the skin, it keeps us wrinkle free, and youthful.
Elastin: Collagen’s BFF, these two work together to keep the spring in skin's step. Without elastin, sag would be a permanent status.
Enzyme: Proteins that speed up a chemical reaction without being consumed in the chemical reaction. For skin, they help with inflammation, aging, and cell turnover (exfoliation).
Free Radical: A tiny chemical particle that, when activated by UV light, wreaks cosmetic havoc on the skin, causing wrinkles and discoloration.
Peptide: The building block of proteins—they are small particles that can penetrate the skin easily and signal other cells to do things (such as rebuild collagen), making peptides a prime ingredient in cosmetics.
And now you’re armed with your dermatologist dictionary.
Have any other skincare questions?  Call us at Suede Salon Spa and Body to schedule a Free Skin Consultation and custom regiment.  856-985-0700

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Finally in Full Swing and So Should Your Hair Regiment by Liane Maag

Think Cleanse,
Nourish and Protect with
Liane Maag
Senior Stylist and Colorist


Living at the shore there are essentials for every beach bag.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Firstly, a great deep cleansing shampoo is really important.  I personally like Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo. It's gentle yet perfect for deep cleansing.  The fruit acids remove salt water residue, chlorine and minerals from hard water that can make your hair coarse, dry and unmanageable.  Water Work's even helps maintain color, manageability and shine.

 Salon Treatment $50.00

Secondly, a great moisturizing mask to nourish.  Depending on your type of hair, there a many choices that your colorist or stylist can recommend.  I prefer the salon treatment Global Keratin Deep Conditioner.  This in-salon professional treatment delivers moisture and nourishes hair for a smooth and sleek deep treatment.  Strengthens hair weakened by chemical services, heat styling and environmental effect.  Repairs damage with natural plant extract and oils.

Thirdly would be a leave in conditioner.  Uniq One is a good choice because it provides 10 real benefits that will enhance sublime, stunning, healthy and protected hair. Trying is believing....

  • 10 real effects
  • Repair for dry & damaged hair
  • Shine & frizz control
  • Heat protection
  • Silkiness & smoothness
  • Hair color protection /with UVA & UVB filters
  • Easier brushing & ironing
  • Incredible detangling
  • Long-lasting hairstyle
  • Split ends prevention
  • Adds body

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skin Myths Exposed

Debunking Common Skin Care Misconception
We have all heard the seemingly endless list of old wives’ tales: do not cross your eyes or they will stay that way; if you crack your knuckles you will get arthritis. And when it comes to skin care, a surprising amount of fables still abound. With an ever-increasing desire to improve the health and appearance of your skin, it’s time to set the record straight.
In order to separate fact from fiction, we have compiled some of the most pervasive falsehoods and a few enlightening truths regarding the largest organ in the body. Whether you are 15 or 50, it is important to know the realities of skin care in order to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. So read on, and help dispel these skin myths!
Myth No.1
Cucumbers contain special ingredients to treat puffy eyes and under eye bags.
This age-old home remedy is tried, but not true. Cucumber slices may feel refreshing, but these greens do not contain special ingredients to reduce under eye bags and puffiness. Although the high water content found in cucumbers can sometimes decrease swelling, coconut extract and organic liquid crystals are far more effective at replenishing natural reserves and nourishing the skin around the eye area. Professional skin care treatments are generally the best solution for dark circles and puffy eyes, as they are specially formulated to hydrate, condition and repair delicate eye skin with potent, clinically tested ingredients.
Myth No.2
A good cleanser should foam on the skin.
Many of us believe that if your cleanser foams, it is working. Not only is this false, but it is hazardous to your health. For example, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a highly effective foaming agent—chemically known as a surfactant—that is found in 90 percent of all commercial soaps and shampoos. But beware: that foaming sensation comes at the price of potentially harmful, long-term side effects including skin damage, cataracts and liver toxicity. Due to its abrasive chemical makeup, SLS is also found in floor cleaners, laundry detergents and engine degreasers. So, the next time you wash your face, make sure your cleanser does not belong in your laundry room or garage.;

Myth No. 3
Sunscreen is not required during the winter.
Despite popular belief, overcast skies do not exempt you from wearing sunscreen. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of UV rays will penetrate through clouds, leaving your skin vulnerable to the damaging effects of sun exposure, including sunburn, unsightly wrinkles and skin cancer. Snowboarders and skiers heed this warning: snow can reflect up to 85 percent of the UV radiation that reaches it, which means that you may still be exposed when you are in the shade. Furthermore, powerful UVA rays can easily penetrate through windows, so remember to lather up with a double-digit SPF even if you are staying inside. Winter is a time to take extra precaution, not neglect your skin.
Myth No.4
The best way to deal with oily skin is to dry it out.
Wrong! Even oily skin needs moisture. Hydration helps calm, soothe and support the dermal matrix, keeping skin supple and helping to maintain a proper pH balance. Attempting to dry out your complexion will strip the epidermis of its natural, vital oils, leading to rough, flaky skin, clogged pores and inflammation. Rather than scrubbing your face with harsh ingredients, wash with a mild, exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin cells without over-drying and restore epidermal regularity. Remember, your goal is to bring balance to your skin, not to dehydrate it.

Clear Skin 101 with Suede Salon Spa and Body

Clear Skin 101

By Drew Pizzini

Whether you’re heading back to school or just hanging out with friends, don’t let breakouts bring you down. Take back control of your complexion with commonsense tips and uncommonly effective products from CosMedix. It’s time to clear up problem skin and greet the day with confidence.

Be Disciplined

While most acne sufferers will see a difference in the first couple weeks of their skincare program, it can take up to 28 days for your skin cells to turn over. Getting your skin in balance requires time, consistency and discipline. Establish a regimen of cleaning and treating your skin twice a day to eliminate pore-clogging excess oil and cellular debris. Using an exfoliating cleanser, like Purity Clean from CosMedix, is an important first step toward clarifying the appearance of problem skin. As lactic acid gently removes dead skin, soothing botanicals–including aloe vera, peppermint and lavender–calm visible irritation and unsightly redness. This powerful formula also preps the skin for additional correctives, like CosMedix’s blemish-fighting Clarity serum. Combine your home regime with a Professional Facial will ensure your ability to have bright, smooth and healthy skin.  The type of facial will depend on your skin's individual needs.

Don’t Pick

Scratching, pinching and squeezing might feel like the right thing to do, but avoid giving into the temptation. “Popping” blemishes can lead to permanent scarring, increased irritation and redness. Additionally, dirt and bacteria from unclean fingers can find their way into pores, making matters worse. A soothing facial mask, like Clear, can keep pores clean help create a more comfortable complexion. Packed with problem-solving salicylic acid, sulfur and willow herb, A 10-minute application in the morning can absorb excess oil and put you in the fast lane to clearer looking skin.

Keep Clean

To minimize the spread of bacteria and other impurities, be sure to wash all pillowcases, towels and makeup brushes weekly. If your skin is particularly sensitive, look for a detergent that’s free of irritating dyes and fragrances. When you’re out and about, avoid over-cleansing your skin, especially with harsh cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or alcohol. These common additives can rob skin of vital moisture, prompting it to produce more sebum–natural oil that conditions the skin–than normal, increasing the risk of clogged pores and breakouts. Try to also avoid touching your face, and keep long hair tied back throughout the day.

Don’t Sweat It

After exercise, be sure to use a mild cleanser to wash away sweat, which can attract pore-clogging impurities and lead to body acne. For persistent blemishing, turn again to Purity Clean. In addition to lactic acid, it also features tea tree oil, which acts as a natural astringent. An exfoliating back scrub or loofah can also help slough away potentially pore-clogging dead skin and debris; however, exercise caution when using exfoliating products with an abrasive surface to avoid irritating the skin.

Call today for your free Skin Consultation 856-985-0700.


Signature Facial $89.00
Anti Acne Treatment $116.00
Purity Clean $38.00
Clarity Serum  $36.00
Clear $42.00

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lash and Brow Tinting with Kristen

Tired of the winter blues?  The season we've all been waiting for is finally here, SUMMER!  It's time to break out some beauty tips to help you achieve a carefree, fresh new summer look that will cut down the time on your morning routine and leave you ready to go.

Ok Ladies, what if I told you that you can achieve the look of longer, darker, thicker lashes without even wearing mascara?  It's true, lash tinting has been around for quite a while but surprisingly most people don't even know it exists.  We use a vegetable based dye, so it's not harmful to the eye or skin around it.  We protect the skin with a barrier and apply the tint to your lashes.  The dye only colors the existing hairs.  The dye processes for 10 minutes and after we rinse it off, your lashes look as though you've just applied mascara.  There are different shades available, however the most popular is deep black. 

Now onto the brows.  Eyebrows are the key to shaping your face.  A well shaped brow can define your whole face, as well as give you a more youthful appearance.  A brow tint can work for everyone.  It is especially good for the mature woman who is starting to lose her eyebrows.  The same vegetable based dye is matched to your hair color and applied to your brows and allowed to process.  The dye picks up on the soft hairs to create the illusion of the thicker brow.  When taken off it gives you an eye opening result that looks like you just had a mini face lift!  For all you light haired ladies, the results are even more dramatic as it makes a huge difference if your hair is naturally light.  Both the eyebrow and eyelash tinting will last 4 to 6 weeks. However, the more frequent you do it the more it will build layers over time and last longer.  Avoiding oil based cleansers and moisturizers will also make your results last longer.  Now it's time to put on your SPF and hit the beach with your maintenance free brow and lashes and enjoy the summertime!

Eye Lash Tinting   $33
Eye Brow Tinting $23

Call Suede Salon Spa and Body and let us help you achieve a beautiful you!  856-985-0700.

Kristen Hathaway
Waxing Specialist

Migraine and Massages

Far from being simply a feel-good treatment, massage therapy helps relieve the debilitating pain of migraine headaches by relaxing muscles, improving blood flow, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving sleep. In addition, massage therapy seems to provide some long-term benefits for migraine sufferers even after the treatment.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Scientific research has confirmed anecdotal evidence that massage is an effective therapy for treatment of migraine headaches. Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia randomly assigned 47 people with migraine to a massage group and a group that received no massage. Those who received weekly massages experienced fewer migraines, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, slower heart rate and lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.
"The findings provide preliminary support for the utility of massage therapy as a non-pharmacologic treatment for individuals suffering from migraines," the researchers declared in a research paper published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Furthermore, there is evidence that massage therapy may reduce incidence of migraines after treatment is ended.

Reiki CertificationReiki master teacher for Level 1 and 2 private classes www.GoldenInsightsHealing.com

Incidence of Migraines

Some 18 percent of women and 7 percent of men in America endure the torment of migraines. Common signs are excruciating headache, nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. Migraines are commonly triggered by stress and lack of sleep. In many cases, an initial treatment to control an attack involves lying down in a dark, quiet room free of sensory stimulation.
Medications frequently prescribed to prevent migraines, such as pain relievers, when used heavily over a period of time can actually produce another type of headache known as medication overuse headache that is more difficult to treat than migraines. Those with gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular disease---plus pregnant or breastfeeding women---are sometimes unable to tolerate such medications.


You can massage certain pressure points on your body to bring relief from migraines. Place the pads of your thumbs or first two fingers on the pressure point and apply light to moderate pressure. Press until you feel a lump or tension in the point and allow your thumb or finger to gradually go deeper, then massage with small, circular motions. If the pain at any point is too intense, reduce the pressure.
Keep your thumb or finger on the pressure point until you feel a relaxation, softness or perhaps a feeling of warmth. Slowly release the pressure and lift your fingers from the point. Repeat the procedure as needed. The crucial pressure points include the base of the skull (gently massage the bony based of your skull on the back side), mid-forehead (apply pressure to the point at the middle of your forehead between the eyebrows), eye corners (carefully massage your temples, or spots behind your eyes just behind the bone), hands (apply pressure to the fleshy area between your thumb and index finger) and foot (massage the area on the top of your foot between your big and second toes where the bones come together).

Professional Massage

In addition to self-massage, there are other holistic methods of treating migraines practiced by specialists. These include craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular massage, reflexology and deep-tissue massage. Reflexology involves pressure and massage of points on the soles of the feet. Neuromuscular massage causes tense muscles to relax by massaging "trigger points" on the body. Deep tissue therapy employs pressure, movement and stretching to relieve muscle soreness. Craniosacral therapy focuses gentle touch on the scalp and skull.

Combination Therapies

Whether applied by a professional therapist or by your own hands, massage can provide much relief for migraine sufferers. This holistic approach is indicated when the patient can't tolerate prescription medications. Others who can tolerate medications often combine massage and lifestyle modifications to control their migraines.

Call for an Appointment today 856-985-0700 at Suede Salon Spa and Body.  We offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology Massages that can be received in combination. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Get Summer Ready with Makeup Artist Patty Day

Summer is on its way! The season is all about care free, effortless beauty. Less time spent on “getting ready” and more time spent enjoying the outdoors! From barbecue’s to the beach we all want to know those beauty secrets that help us to feel gorgeous & confident, without spending a lot of time in front of the mirror!

What will get you feeling confident, care free & beautiful on the beach or at a summer party? Glowing flawless skin, natural effortless makeup that holds up all day in the sun & sand? Skin protection built right into the makeup? All this without a lot of fuss...let me share my secrets with you!

As a makeup artist I hear the same things from women of all ages. I want a great tan, but don’t want to damage my skin. I want gorgeous lashes, but hate piling on the waterproof mascara every day! I want an even skin tone but don’t like thick heavy foundation. I want a fresh fun lip color that is easy to wear and re-apply. At Suede Salon and Spa we have the solution for all your summer beauty essentials!

You can achieve a gorgeous bronze glow with a fabulous Spray Tan from one of our highly skilled Makeup Artists. Our organic tanning formula produces a natural tan that can be customized to meet your needs. From a subtle light glow to a deep rich tan we customize to every individual. Never streaky or blotchy, our spray tan naturally fades. Simple tan touch ups are easy at home with our line of St. Tropez tanning products. Suede is currently running a special for Spray Tan Applications:  Buy One Get One 50% Off.  Two sessions for only $60.00

For stunning lashes without any mascara, try our amazing new Lavish Lash extensions. With an hour or two of your time you can have thick gorgeous lashes that last up to a month. With regular touchups keep these amazing lashes all summer and throw away your mascara. This relaxing spa service will not only cut down on your daily beauty routine, it will make your eyes look naturally beautiful. These individual lashes come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses from very natural to dramatic, the choice is yours.  Take advantage of  Suede's Limited Time Offer to New Clients:  Receive a Partial Lash Extension Application for only $99.00. 

For flawless illuminated glowing skin, try Stila’s Illuminating tinted moisturizer or bronzing tinted moisturizer both with SPF 20. This amazing formula glides on so easily and protects your skin while evening out uneven tones. $32.00

For a bright bold lip that will pop against your bronzed skin Stila’s Afterglow lip color is your answer! The hottest shades in this brand new lip color are Tangerine Dream, Party Pink, Rave Red, & Vivid Violet. A bold lip is a fun new fashion accessory that is so easy to achieve!

Call Suede Salon & Spa today with any questions about your summer beauty needs. Myself or any of our highly skilled Makeup Artists will be happy to help you get summer ready!

Patty Day
Makeup Artist/Lavish Lash Artist

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Forward with Colorist Dina Rae

As spring time approaches, we often think of renewal and change.  While the winter months had us in a bit of the blues, I must say, I am looking forward to the spring and summer months ahead. 

I am absolutely invigorated by the vivid colors of spring and summer.  From the bright colors of yellow and orange flowers to the soft plush palette of pink peonies and cherry blossom trees... and let's not forget about the simplicity of a beautiful white tulip.  All in the forefront of a light blue-gray horizon and a layer of greenery.  Which brings me to the thought of hair color. 

Like nature, there are so many vivid and soft plush colors to choose from and so many directions to go in...it is no wonder one may get confused when choosing the perfect hair color.  Not to mention, that for most of us, time is a luxury.

So to make it simple, we chose a few of our favorite online looks that inspired us from our favorite online collections. 

Choose from one of our specific categories to either change or enhance your new spring look. 

 ...If you relate to Cool Sophistication

...If you relate to Trends

...If you relate to Avant-Garde

Hopefully these looks have inspired you no matter where you fit in to make your own Spring Renewal Changes.  So Spring into it and make your next color appointment
with one of our very talented colorist at Suede Salon Spa and Body  856-985-0700.
Dina Rae
Color Specialist

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let Us Teach You How to Get the Most From Vitamin C

It’s no secret that vitamin C is a skincare powerhouse. From fighting harmful free radicals to creating a visibly brighter appearance, the topical benefits of this super-nutrient have been proven many times over. However, despite its myriad uses, vitamin C nevertheless poses a challenge for skincare companies. Its hydrophilic nature means it degrades quickly in aqueous solutions—an Achilles heel for an industry dominated by liquid and cream-based products.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the oxidative damage to cells (including skin cells) by neutralizing free radicals in the body. It’s also required for the conversion of procollagen to collagen—the protein group responsible for the skin’s structural integrity. While most vitamin C comes from dietary sources, its benefits are diffused throughout the body when taken internally. Topical application more directly affects the skin—but only if a substantial concentration reaches the desired location without degrading.

For most skincare brands, some degree of degradation is an acceptable—even inevitable—part of product development. Customers expect serums, creams and lotions, and meeting these expectations—even at the cost of ingredient integrity—is often easier (and cheaper) than offering potent alternatives that challenge customer perceptions. However, despite such challenges, one company has done just that.

CosMedix has built a reputation for rethinking the way products are packaged and even delivered to the skin. From molecular purification to cutting-edge ingredient encapsulation, the Atlanta-based company has developed novel ways of solving skincare’s biggest challenges. Their answer to the problem of vitamin C takes advantage of a purification technology that allows the synthesis of vitamin C into its purest powder form.

Made of 100 percent, pure L-Ascorbic Acid, in a unique, crystal form, Pure C preserves this key nutrient’s potency for maximum effect. The result is a highly concentrated powder that mixes with any serum or cream to dramatically enhance its brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. By delaying liquid interaction until the moment of application, Pure C sidesteps the issue of prolonged breakdown within a liquid formula to deliver the highest concentration of vitamin C possible to the skin.

As a powder, Pure C also allows users to incorporate vitamin C into their existing regimens. For instance, a person battling hyperpigmentation might mix it with a brightening serum, like Simply Brilliant, for added spot reduction. Someone concerned with premature aging might add several crystals to a firming serum or exfoliating cream, like Affirm or Serum 16 respectively.

By combining maximum potency with user customization, it’s no wonder that Pure C is a perennial bestseller. For CosMedix, the success of its innovative vitamin powder is proof positive that thinking outside of the box—or bottle—pays off.

Cosmedix is available at Suede Salon Spa and Body.  Pure C retails for $52.00.  Call to book  your Complimentary Skin Consultation  856-985-0700


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Make the Most of Your Hair Appointment by Dyan

With everyone’s busy schedule and lives, it is still important to take a little time for ourselves. Everyone’s time is valuable so you need to make the most of it.
Even before you call for your appointment there are some things to consider so that you can maximize your time with your stylist.  Most importantly, you need to have a clear idea of what you want out of your service and when you are available to schedule the appointment.  It's best to have a few days and times that work for you. This helps our receptionists narrow down an appointment that work will work with your stylist. Especially when making multiple appointments, it is important to know what services you would like done.  A typical haircut is booked for a half hour.  If you are changing your look or have long hair you’ll need more time.  If you need a special blowout that requires pinning or iron work, extra time is needed. Having a clear picture of what you want will avoid having your stylist rush and all of your needs and expectations will be met.

Change is good and this time of year we see a lot of our clients are open to a new look. With that being said, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:
How much time am I willing to spend on my hair?

Do I want to lose length?

Do I want a bang or more layers?
It’s good to know your limitation also.  Your stylist will help you to work with you new look.  A big mistake people make is trying to style their hair the “old way” with a “new cut”.  Ask questions on how to recreate your new look at home.  It may require purchasing new products or brushes but it will make your life easier on a daily basis. 

When discussing your new look, bring in pictures.  Be mindful of your hair color and texture when doing this.  Blondes- Look at blondes, brunettes at brunettes.  This is because blonde hair tends to show the layers and cut a lot more than darker hair.  Of course your stylist will help you in choosing a length and style that best suits you.
Know what you don’t want.  It’s ok to be clear about what you don’t like but also keep an open mind.  After all a change is what you are looking for.  Trust your stylist and give some creative freedoms.  Don’t style the creativity by putting too many limitations. 

Special Occasion Hair
It is the season of proms, dances and weddings!  A very fun and exciting time.  Make your appointments in advance to ensure your specific time and stylist.  If you are unsure of a hairstyle or stuck between a few, book a trial.  It takes all the guess work out of the important day. 

Pictures are so important for an updo and special occasion hair.  It helps the stylist to see what you are envisioning even if you don’t know the lingo.  Pictures of your dress are also helpful to help the stylist to get a feel for you overall look. 
If your hair requires clip in extensions, tell the receptionist at the time of booking so extra time can be working into your appointment.  When the day has come for your appointments,  it is recommended to check in fifteen minutes ahead of your schedule time. It allows you to grab a bit to eat, get a drink and your stylist has time to get your hair shampooed or prepped so you are in their chair at your schedule time. 

This is your appointment, your time so make the most of it.  Whether you are coming in for color, or cut, your time is valuable and these helpful tips will ensure you have a great visit at Suede Salon Spa and Body.  Call today to book your appointment 856-985-0700 and take advantage of our Blow Dry Special: 5 Blow Dry and Finishes for $150.
Dyan Senior Stylist
Tuesday 2:30-9pm
Wednesday 9-4pm
Friday 9-4:30pm
Saturday 8:30-3:30

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nail News Now!

The fashion runways have shown us that art is not just for the canvas anymore. Options for Nail Art are endless and will have you digging your nails into texture, saluting stripes, pastels, mega-chic metallic.  You will even reconsider a new twist on the French Manicure. 

Textured nails range from matte to rubberize, velvety to grainy.  Additionally eye popping details such as studs, rhinestones and micro-beads replicate the trendy Caviar Manicure. Geometric shapes with long lines, crisscross details, chevrons and half cirlces will be popular as well.  No tunnel vision here.  Girl Warning:  Expect attention!

Even the Traditional French Manicure is back with some eye catching combinations: Assymmetrical, Chevron. More conservative Straight French tips receive a new look with fresh color combos like mint, cantaloupe, taupe and hot pink, making it so fun.

Pastels and Opaque Nudes are a fresh take for Spring.  And let's not forget the green!  From tips to toes, mint to grayed jade will hold a top spot. 

Sparkle and metallic polish is enough to lighten up any Manicure and Pedicure.  This season, the metals are being portrayed on polish with gold leafing, studs or metail pieces.

Conventional nail services are also feeling the Spring Fever.  Before we polish your toes, let us intorduce you to Suede's Spring Seasonal Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Pedicure.  Feet are emerged in a sparkling Citrus Cilantro antioxidant soak.  Legs and feet are exfoliated with a fresh Watermelon Basil Scrub.  Grand finale, imagine receiving  a massage with Shea Butter swirled in Strawberry Fruit Cells.  All this while slowly sipping on a Watermelon Vodkatini, truly an hour of bliss. Be sure to remember the same service is even available as a manicure.

Are you a bride?  Here Comes the Bride and Entourage Manicure and Pedicure begins with a dreamy dip into rich Buttermilk Brulee Powder Milk Bath, followed by a Sweet Cream fine sea salt and rice bran oil scrub.  The end of this decandent experience includes a luxurious massage with Whoppie Cream, and White Shea Butter.  A pre-wedding must to get rid of dry skin and callouses.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. bringing us out of winter hibernation.   The world lightens up  around us with fresh and exciting colors.  Let the Rainbow begin..

Linda DeSilvio is a nail technician at Suede Salon Spa and body.  She has been servicing clients for 27 years and enjoys the people, craft and the trendy colors created for every new season.  We invite you to plan you next nail experience with us. Linda is available to provide soak-off gels, acrylics, permanent gels, manicures and pedicures.  856-985-0700.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Aromatherapy Massage Therapy with Jennifer

It's that time of year again!  You want to start eating better and working out, yet you don't have the energy to make dinner let alone hit the gym. Seasonal depression can make one feel lifeless, causing low energy levels, leaving the body drained, sluggish, tired and unmotivated. Essential oils possess stimulating qualities and one may find much hope in chasing the winter blues away with Aromatherapy applications. Receiving an Aromatherapy Massage helps to lessen irritability and tension, boost energy and offer support with emotional issues. Aromatherapy Massage involves aromatic oils combined with massage touch, thus aiding in relaxing the body.

Massage Therapists at Suede Salon Spa and Body are trained Aromatherapy Professionals. Many essential oils possess "antidepressant" and mood lifting qualities, but we are careful to choose those that best suit your needs. For example, if you are feeling lethargic and fatigued, sedative oils will only exacerbate the problem.  However, if depression. Is causing insomnia, irritability and restlessness, a sedative oil is ideal.

Call today 856-985-0700 to schedule your Aromatherapy Massage and get back go living happy.

Aromatherapy Massage
30 Minute   $55
60 Minute.  $90
90 Minute.  $135

Jennifer Probst
Massage Therapist

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Expert Advice from Our Skin Care Specialists

The Power of Professionals

No one knows the skin better than the people who treat it every day. From clinical-strength corrective products to complex procedures, like peels and facials, there’s a reason why professional treatments require a professional touch. If you’re looking to visibly transform your skin’s appearance, you probably have questions about which products and procedures are best for you. Fortunately, Suede's skincare professionals have the tools and the know-how to help you achieve your healthiest complexion ever.
What’s Right for Me?
Wrinkles, dark spots, acne–you know what concerns you most. However, each condition is unique, and what helps one person’s skin might not work for yours. Using CosMedix’s Seven-Point Skin Analysis, our skincare professional can accurately identify the source of your unique skin concern. Weighing such factors as sebaceous activity, skin thickness and accumulated photodamage, a qualified skin expert can then tailor a corrective regimen to your needs–eliminating time-and-money wasting guesswork.
Facials can be used to combat a number of skin concerns, including mild discoloration, lines, blemishes and oily skin. Among professional skincare’s least invasive procedures, facials generally affect the upper, superficial layers of the skin and require little to no downtime. CosMedix facials are particularly gentle, though powerful enough to produce real, noticeable change. Using chirally corrected enzymes, peptides, antioxidants and growth factors, these unique, nonirritating treatments are safe enough to be applied 365 days a year!
Unlike most peels, which wound the skin with harsh chemicals, CosMedix professional treatments use chirally correct natured-based ingredients to encourage healthy renewal. Known as metabolic peeling, this process can penetrate from very superficial to medium depth and correct a broad range of troublesome concerns–from oily, problem skin to hyperpigmentation to wrinkles and sun damage.

CosMedix treatments fall into one of two categories, based on their level of intensity. Today’s Treatments refresh and exfoliate the skin without prior preparation. Meanwhile, Tomorrow’s Treatments correct more persistent signs of damage and include pre-treatment skin preparation. Based on your custom skin analysis, your CosMedix skincare professional can pair you with the best solution for your needs.
Today’s Treatments
Today’s Treatments use natural, chirally correct forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) to exfoliate away dead skin cells and promote the appearance of healthy skin. These procedures offer a gentle alternative to aggressive treatments using glycolic acid and benzyl peroxide, delivering visible results without the typical irritation or downtime.
Tomorrow’s Treatments
Tomorrow’s Treatments are CosMedix’s most powerful professional tools. Providing medium-depth resurfacing, these one-of-a-kind formulas make the skin appear dramatically tighter and smoother without the long-term damage of traditional peels. Due to their intensity, these treatments require a 10 to 30-day pre-procedure regimen that may include additional products your skin expert recommends for your individual concerns.

Call today to schedule you appointment. 856-985-0700