Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Forward with Colorist Dina Rae

As spring time approaches, we often think of renewal and change.  While the winter months had us in a bit of the blues, I must say, I am looking forward to the spring and summer months ahead. 

I am absolutely invigorated by the vivid colors of spring and summer.  From the bright colors of yellow and orange flowers to the soft plush palette of pink peonies and cherry blossom trees... and let's not forget about the simplicity of a beautiful white tulip.  All in the forefront of a light blue-gray horizon and a layer of greenery.  Which brings me to the thought of hair color. 

Like nature, there are so many vivid and soft plush colors to choose from and so many directions to go is no wonder one may get confused when choosing the perfect hair color.  Not to mention, that for most of us, time is a luxury.

So to make it simple, we chose a few of our favorite online looks that inspired us from our favorite online collections. 

Choose from one of our specific categories to either change or enhance your new spring look. 

 ...If you relate to Cool Sophistication

...If you relate to Trends

...If you relate to Avant-Garde

Hopefully these looks have inspired you no matter where you fit in to make your own Spring Renewal Changes.  So Spring into it and make your next color appointment
with one of our very talented colorist at Suede Salon Spa and Body  856-985-0700.
Dina Rae
Color Specialist

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let Us Teach You How to Get the Most From Vitamin C

It’s no secret that vitamin C is a skincare powerhouse. From fighting harmful free radicals to creating a visibly brighter appearance, the topical benefits of this super-nutrient have been proven many times over. However, despite its myriad uses, vitamin C nevertheless poses a challenge for skincare companies. Its hydrophilic nature means it degrades quickly in aqueous solutions—an Achilles heel for an industry dominated by liquid and cream-based products.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the oxidative damage to cells (including skin cells) by neutralizing free radicals in the body. It’s also required for the conversion of procollagen to collagen—the protein group responsible for the skin’s structural integrity. While most vitamin C comes from dietary sources, its benefits are diffused throughout the body when taken internally. Topical application more directly affects the skin—but only if a substantial concentration reaches the desired location without degrading.

For most skincare brands, some degree of degradation is an acceptable—even inevitable—part of product development. Customers expect serums, creams and lotions, and meeting these expectations—even at the cost of ingredient integrity—is often easier (and cheaper) than offering potent alternatives that challenge customer perceptions. However, despite such challenges, one company has done just that.

CosMedix has built a reputation for rethinking the way products are packaged and even delivered to the skin. From molecular purification to cutting-edge ingredient encapsulation, the Atlanta-based company has developed novel ways of solving skincare’s biggest challenges. Their answer to the problem of vitamin C takes advantage of a purification technology that allows the synthesis of vitamin C into its purest powder form.

Made of 100 percent, pure L-Ascorbic Acid, in a unique, crystal form, Pure C preserves this key nutrient’s potency for maximum effect. The result is a highly concentrated powder that mixes with any serum or cream to dramatically enhance its brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. By delaying liquid interaction until the moment of application, Pure C sidesteps the issue of prolonged breakdown within a liquid formula to deliver the highest concentration of vitamin C possible to the skin.

As a powder, Pure C also allows users to incorporate vitamin C into their existing regimens. For instance, a person battling hyperpigmentation might mix it with a brightening serum, like Simply Brilliant, for added spot reduction. Someone concerned with premature aging might add several crystals to a firming serum or exfoliating cream, like Affirm or Serum 16 respectively.

By combining maximum potency with user customization, it’s no wonder that Pure C is a perennial bestseller. For CosMedix, the success of its innovative vitamin powder is proof positive that thinking outside of the box—or bottle—pays off.

Cosmedix is available at Suede Salon Spa and Body.  Pure C retails for $52.00.  Call to book  your Complimentary Skin Consultation  856-985-0700


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Make the Most of Your Hair Appointment by Dyan

With everyone’s busy schedule and lives, it is still important to take a little time for ourselves. Everyone’s time is valuable so you need to make the most of it.
Even before you call for your appointment there are some things to consider so that you can maximize your time with your stylist.  Most importantly, you need to have a clear idea of what you want out of your service and when you are available to schedule the appointment.  It's best to have a few days and times that work for you. This helps our receptionists narrow down an appointment that work will work with your stylist. Especially when making multiple appointments, it is important to know what services you would like done.  A typical haircut is booked for a half hour.  If you are changing your look or have long hair you’ll need more time.  If you need a special blowout that requires pinning or iron work, extra time is needed. Having a clear picture of what you want will avoid having your stylist rush and all of your needs and expectations will be met.

Change is good and this time of year we see a lot of our clients are open to a new look. With that being said, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:
How much time am I willing to spend on my hair?

Do I want to lose length?

Do I want a bang or more layers?
It’s good to know your limitation also.  Your stylist will help you to work with you new look.  A big mistake people make is trying to style their hair the “old way” with a “new cut”.  Ask questions on how to recreate your new look at home.  It may require purchasing new products or brushes but it will make your life easier on a daily basis. 

When discussing your new look, bring in pictures.  Be mindful of your hair color and texture when doing this.  Blondes- Look at blondes, brunettes at brunettes.  This is because blonde hair tends to show the layers and cut a lot more than darker hair.  Of course your stylist will help you in choosing a length and style that best suits you.
Know what you don’t want.  It’s ok to be clear about what you don’t like but also keep an open mind.  After all a change is what you are looking for.  Trust your stylist and give some creative freedoms.  Don’t style the creativity by putting too many limitations. 

Special Occasion Hair
It is the season of proms, dances and weddings!  A very fun and exciting time.  Make your appointments in advance to ensure your specific time and stylist.  If you are unsure of a hairstyle or stuck between a few, book a trial.  It takes all the guess work out of the important day. 

Pictures are so important for an updo and special occasion hair.  It helps the stylist to see what you are envisioning even if you don’t know the lingo.  Pictures of your dress are also helpful to help the stylist to get a feel for you overall look. 
If your hair requires clip in extensions, tell the receptionist at the time of booking so extra time can be working into your appointment.  When the day has come for your appointments,  it is recommended to check in fifteen minutes ahead of your schedule time. It allows you to grab a bit to eat, get a drink and your stylist has time to get your hair shampooed or prepped so you are in their chair at your schedule time. 

This is your appointment, your time so make the most of it.  Whether you are coming in for color, or cut, your time is valuable and these helpful tips will ensure you have a great visit at Suede Salon Spa and Body.  Call today to book your appointment 856-985-0700 and take advantage of our Blow Dry Special: 5 Blow Dry and Finishes for $150.
Dyan Senior Stylist
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