Sunday, July 29, 2012

What is Beauty?

"Beauty" is a Noun;

1.       A combination of qualities; such as Shape, Color or Form that pleases the aesthetic senses.

2.       A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

Some Say “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”, but whose eyes are they talking about?  As humans we are gifted with the ability of sight, so the way beauty is identified will vary by each individual.  What may be beautiful to one can be unappealing to another.  That’s why we are usually very specific in our direct outlook on beauty.   As an artist in the beauty industry it has become a passion and a lifelong process to develop the skills to create the 3 things that the definition talked about.  Shape, color and form are essential in our industry.    We develop shapes color and forms using a different foundation; hair, skin, body and nails.  For example we can form or shape hair into millions of options using the best canvas of all…. You.

We developed methods in hair cutting for example that can accentuate certain features or choose to conceal flaws.  We can bring out the best suitable color for your hair even eyes and skin tones.  We can form eyebrows to best suit a specific facial shape and skull structure.  We can address challenging skin and body complaints thru services and product regiments.  That is only a brief intro to what the beauty industry professionals have to offer.  My suggestions would be to seek out the great artists that can truly make you look and feel your best!  Most importantly do your research and educate yourself on salons, professional products, fashion and accessories.  But please have fun doing it!

Now to the next Question:  Does external beauty equal internal beauty?  Some say external beauty opens locked doors, but when people look for external beauty they tend to forget about feelings. The truth is that internal beauty is much more important than external beauty but sometimes our geographical location dictates otherwise and can very well be a cultural dilemma.  Please make an effort to make that internal beauty a priority in your life and the external beauty will glow. Now back to the question at hand, “Does beauty please the intellect or moral senses? “That answer is up to you to find out, if you make the external beauty priority more power to you, but hopefully you will concentrate on making the internal beauty will equally matched.

Our industry is not only about creating beauty by providing the skills we have mastered, but by also listening.  Most importantly your beauty consultant should be a person you can and should trust, not only with your looks and appearance but with your feeling as well.  So get out there, find the best suitable beauty professional.  Put your trust and faith in their hands and watch the amazing process unfold, your external and internal beauty will thank you for making a great decision, I promise!

At Suede Salon Spa and Body, we offer all the great services we just discussed, for all your hairstyling/cutting, skin care, makeup, waxing, body and nail needs.  We also offer amazing Spa services to relax the mind, body and spirit for that inter beauty glow.  I encourage all to be a guest in our facility and experience the extremely talented group of people that I have the pleasure to be associated with, you won’t be disappointed. 

Remember beauty is in the “Eye of the beholder”. 

Salvatore Patane
Creative Director

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Suede Salon Spa and Body's launches their first "Beauty Blog"

August 2012, we are excited to launch Suede Salon Spa and Body's first Beauty Blog.

Suede Salon Spa and Body is a full service Salon and Day Spa located in Marlton NJ open seven days a week.

With over 100 employees, all focused on beauty and fashion, our intent is to expose you to the latest, hottest trends and beauty tricks used by the professional. Suede Salon Spa and Body has the reputation of designing cutting edge styles for Hair and Makeup, at the same time creating beauty for Skin and health for Body.

Each month different seasoned artists will form a dialogue between reader and expert to unveil tips on how to create runway trends for every day. You'll get to experience how-to videos, product reviews, healthy recipes and step by step guides on how to look and feel your best.

Our overall goal is to always give you creative looks that you can re-create with ease.

Kim, Nancy, and Lisa

Monday, July 23, 2012

Marlton, NJ - New App!

We are proud to announce that we've gone mobile! We now have apps available for Android and Apple, as well as a mobile-friendly site. Just scan the QR codes below to get started!