Thursday, October 3, 2013

Change Her Look...Change Her Life Make-Over Contest

This October, Suede is holding a Make-Over Contest.  We are asking you to nominate a woman whom you think best deserves a Make-Over.    The winner will receive a day of beauty that will  “Change Her Look and Change Her Life”.  The elected winner will experience a Radiance Facial, Color, Hair-cut, Blow-dry and Style along with an Instructional Make-Over and Signature Manicure compliments of Suede Salon and Spa.  We aren’t stopping there, the winner will also create Two New Clothing Outfits retailing at $500 with our very own Image Consultant/Personal Shopper, Heidi.    

We’ve never done something quite like this and cannot wait to see how we can empower a Woman Nominated and Elected by our Facebook friends.   For this contest we will be accepting Nominees up until October 15, 2013.  We will then post our Top Three Stories on October 16th and you will get to vote on who you think should win by just liking their picture.  Voting will end at midnight on October 31st and the winner will be announced on November 1, 2013.

Here are the rules:
  • First, you must like our page on Facebook to have your nomination considered.
  • Nominate any Woman you feel deserves a Make-Over.  All types of Woman are eligible.  A Mom who has become the family’s chauffeur and maid to the Woman stuck in the 80’s .  Wife, Homemaker, Professional Woman, nominate them all!
  • Message the details of your nominee to us on Facebook
  • You can nominate only 1 Woman
  • You must include their full name, phone number and email address.  Just a way for us to get in contact with her if she wins!
  • Nomination letter must include the reasons why you believe she should be nominated. 
  • Your nomination must include a clear, good quality photo
  • All nominations must be submitted before Monday, October 15th at midnight
  • Employees and Employee Family members cannot participate
  • Salon Spa and Personal Shopping will be completed by November 15, 2013