Monday, November 26, 2012

Hair Style with Sarah Downey

As the season changes, it's a good time to notice the changes around us-leaves changing colors and temperatures getting a little cooler. It's also a perfect time to focus on ourselves and maybe make a change in our appearance, as well. There are so many ways we can change our look- from something as simple as a styling change to a more permanent change, like the texture of our hair!

A really simple,easy change is the use of the perfect hair accessory. Hair accessories to adorn the hair are a very popular trend right now. Headbands and jewelry are being used to dress up any look. Another trendy look for the fall is the use of different braids in the hair, as well as the perfectly undone top knot that goes from casual to chic! These styles totally compliment you holiday wardrobe.

Looking for something a little more? How about a new cut? A hot new look for this holiday is a fringe, or yes, bangs! Many celebrities are sporting this look for the new season.Maybe you're ready for a new length- from a short pixie cut to the addition of extensions for a longer look.

If you're a little more daring, how about changing the texture of your hair? Try a formaldelhyde-free Keratin to reduce frizz but making your waves or curls softer.We also have a great Keratin that is OSHA safe that gives you a totally sleek, shiny look.

Whatever change you are ready to make,we at Suede are here to help you achieve that look! We want to make you look your best!  Call today for an appointment 856-985-0700. 

Holiday Specials :
For every $100 Gift Certificate, receive a $20 Gift Card for yourself to use January 2013
Purchase a series of 5 Blow-Outs for only $150.00

Sarah Downey
Senior Hair Stylist

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Haircolor with Heather Nieves and Mara Solano

For many of us, coloring our hair is a monthly necessity, but have you ever considered it an accessory?  Just like we add earrings or a necklace to add sparkle to our look, hair color can be used in the same way.  There are several ways this can be accomplished, and these are some of the more common ways;

  1. Accent pieces- these are strategically placed foils that can allow the chosen color to “pop” from the rest of the hair. These are great for anyone who is color shy, or on the more conservative side.  Hair dipping-this technique focuses the color from the middle of the hair shaft to the bottom.  This can be done on random strands for a more natural effect or all the strands for a more dramatic effect that would mimic your ends being “dipped” in color.  Ombre-similar to hair dipping, this technique creates a more natural, sunkissed finish where the color gradually becomes lighter or more vibrant towards the ends. 
Pairing these techniques with a fun color is the ultimate hair accessory for the holidays!  Brunettes may consider adding an accent piece in a deep violet, crimson red, or jade green.  Blondes may consider pastel tones of pink or lavender, For those who aren’t as daring, imagine your copper hair with a beautiful piece of strawberry peeking out, or a chocolate brown flowing into rich amber ends.  There is an option for everyone. Color is meant to be fun & expressive!

Properly maintaining your new color is imperative to making the results last.  Highlights may require a glaze in between touch-up services. This helps to keep the vibrancy and shine of your new color. In addition, home care is just as important.  We offer several products to address all hair types. Some of our most recommended are L’Oreal Professional Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner or Lumino Contrast Shampoo and Treatment. From our Label M Line, we like the Color Stay Shampoo and Conditioner.  Remember that heat styling can cause color fading! For this, we recommend always treating your hair with a heat protectant before blowdrying. For this, we love Label M’s Heat Protecting Spray or Black Miracle Treatment.

The holidays are fast approaching. When will you choose to accessorize your hair? Book an appointment with one of our talented colorists today. Let the festivities begin!

Heather Nieves
Senior Color Specialist

Mara Solano
Junior Color Specialist


Monday, October 15, 2012

Lash Extensions with Patty Leigh Day

When meeting someone for the first time, one of the first things that we notice are their eyes, they are said to be the "window to the soul." True inner and outer beauty can be seen by looking into someone's eyes. What makes the eyes so beautiful and alluring? The color, shape and eyelashes. Women have been wearing makeup on their eyes & false eyelashes since the 1900’s and mascara since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. We have come a long way from those days!
The latest trend that the most popular celebrities have been rocking on the red carpet are eyelash extensions. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce aren’t just naturally blessed with those super thick long lashes.  They have lash extensions. 

Lash extensions are individual tiny hairs adhered to each one of your lash hairs with a medical grade adhesive. The relaxing service is completely safe and done in the spa with your eyes closed the entire time. Most people fall asleep. With just an hour or two of your time for the first application the lashes last about a month. They will shed gradually with your natural lash hairs or can be touched up after 2-3 weeks by filling in any areas with new lashes.

 Lash extensions come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to customize them to each individual. The lashes look completely natural and are so light weight they feel like nothing is on at all. From very natural to lush and dramatic there is no need for mascara with lash extensions. You can also throw out your eyelash curler, the extensions even come in different styles of curl.

If you want to draw more attention to your eyes without having to put on a lot of makeup or thick mascara, lash extensions are for you! 

Patty Leigh Day

Makeup Artist/Waxing Technician

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pedicures with Corinne D'Ambra

One might think, "Do I really need a pedicure in the winter months? No one will see them." It is true that your feet may not be seen as frequently in the winter. However, a pedicure is beneficial all-year. The winter months are the perfect situation for fungus. Fungi thrive on warm, dark, and damp places. You provide this perfect environment when you get out of the shower, slip on those cozy socks and into those warm shoes. One in three people will experience a foot fungus in their life time. Our trained pedicurists can identify this condition and can help you treat it before sandal season rolls around. So keep up with one of Suede'€™s three pedicures throughout the winter months!

The Signature Pedicure: Suede's Signature Pedicure is ideal for the client who wants to maintain the health and cleanliness of their nails, cuticle and skin, and to control calluses.  $51.00

The Express Pedicure: Suede's Express Pedicure is a simpler luxury. It keeps the health of nails and skin BUT it is NOT designed for clients who wish to keep up with their calluses.  An Express Pedicure is a manicure for the foot.  $36.00

The Seasonal Pedicure is for anyone who wants a pedicure with the works! It is a perfect fix for clients who suffer from super itchy dry skin in the cold weather. The Seasonal Pedicure provides a thicker formula moisture cream, a masque and hot towels to lock that moisture in!!  The Seasonal Pedicure that is being serviced now is Pumpkin Coffee.  $61.00

Call Today to book the pedicure of your choice:  856-985-0700

Corinne D'Ambra
Nail Specialist

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Senior Colorist Jackie Manzo: Fall Trends for Hair Color

The Summer Season is coming to an end and it’s time to regroup and gear up for the Fall-Winter Seasons.  What does this mean for our hair care?  In the beginning of the Spring-Summer Season, we tend to gravitate towards lighter and more “beachy” colors.  During the season our hair is than exposed to sun, salt water, chlorine and many other environmental elements.  In order to move forward into Fall-Winter Shades, we first have to address the issues at hand.  Talk to your hair care professional about treatments such as a Conditioning or Protein Treatment ($25.+) which will re-moisturize and add much needed strength back to the hair.  Depending on your individual needs, these treatments will prep the hair for the seasonal color change.  Even a good hair cut maybe just what the doctor ordered to refresh your hair.

Some suggestions might be to deepen or richen the color.  As tans are fading, we need a little more color around our faces.  Another suggestions maybe to soften the hair to a more natural look or maybe a beautiful fall red.   You may want a beautiful chocolate brown or for the more adventurous at heart, some pastel colored pieces or a high fashion red could be just the ticket.  It is a great time to schedule a consultation with your hair care professional about possibilities and how to best prep the hair for the coming season.  When dealing with the abuse from sun, fun, heat and environmental damage it is important to communicate with your colorists or stylist so that they can book your appointment accordingly so that they have time to address your specific needs.  At Suede Salon Spa and Body Complimentary Color Consultations are always available. Call 856-985-0700 to learn about what's best for you. 

Happy Coloring, see you soon,
Jackie Manzo
Senior Colorist
Salon Educator

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Makeup Artist Kelly Crossley's Facts on Airbrush Makeup Application

As we look towards fall, what is going to pop as we browse through our magazines?  Flawless skin, lush lashes and a bold lip! How are you changing your makeup routine this season?  Some think that once they find a color lipstick or blush they love they need to stick with it.  But it’s a new season and a perfect time to change it up with fall colors.

First thing is first, your skin!! When your skin looks at its best, you feel so much better about yourself. Love that flawless look, than try Airbrush Makeup Application for that special occasion! Airbrush Foundations are thinner than regular foundations.  It is highly pigmented and leaves a natural, unflawed look through tiny pixels airbrushed to your skin.  It is water, sweat and tear-resistant and can last up to 16 hours! We use a silicone based air-makeup that will diminish any fine lines, hyper-pigmentations and acne scars. It’s HD photography’s best friend, which makes it perfect for weddings!!

Show off your radiant skin with Stila's All- Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara to open the eye and a beautifully painted bold lip in a deep red or plum.  Suede Salon Spa and Body offers lip colors from Stila  in cool and warm shades to match your skin’s correct tone. My personal favorite this season is Stila's Long Wear Lip Color in “Lover” and “Daring”.  For a glossy lip, try Stila's Harvest or Foliage Lip Glaze Trio. Three midsized lip glosses for $12!!

Stop by and speak with myself or any other member of our talented makeup department to see which shade is best for you. Suede Salon Spa and Body offers a Private Makeup Instruction Complimentary during the Fall Season.   We look forward to helping you feel your best!! 

Kelly Crossley
Esthestican - Makeup Artist- Waxing Technician 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Senior Stylist Michael Sparks Talks About Hair Extentions

Looking for a change without the long term commitment?  Whether you are wishing for long hair, more volume or just a pop of color, Seamless Tape Extensions can make your dream hair a realization.   This Extension method uses a medical grade hypo allergenic adhesive that bonds to your hair without causing any damage.  Unlike other methods I have used in the past, Seamless Tape Extensions do not cause dreadlocks and will not tangle. 

The best part is it only takes 1-1 ½ hours to complete instead of waiting years for your hair to grow out you can dramatically change the length of your hair within your lunch break.  

Better yet, Extensions can be re-used up to three times depending how fast your hair grows.  As your hair starts to grow, I can professionally remove them with a solution that will not cause damage or breakage to your hair.  Then we can re-tape them back in place, closer to the root.  The whole process takes about an hour.

I have been doing hair extension for 10 years.  In my opinion the Seamless Tape Extensions are a great way to change your look with minimum expense and no damage to your hair.  Book today for a consultation to learn how to achieve the look you have been dreaming of.  856-985-0700

Michael Sparks
Senior Stylist
Salon Educator

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Esthetician Sharon Pichoto: Intro to Skin Care 101

Good Skin Care starts with proper nutrition.  Sometimes those late nights of studying and not always grabbing the right food can take its toll and wreak havoc on your skin.  CosMedix Skin care offers supplements that can be taken in the morning before you start your day:  Clarity provides powerful internal defense blend of detoxifying cleansing and supportive herbs to help acne.  Balance is a complete green formula with 44 unique fruit and vegetables which boost your energy!  Restore is a proprietary blend of herbs and probiotics to detoxify the colon.  Most importantly drink lots of water!  Half your weight = the amount of ounces you should drink each day.

Keeping a daily skin care routine “simple and affordable” is easy with the following regiment:

Cleanse in the morning and evening.  Going to bed without cleansing will age your skin 7 days!  Select a cleanser that is gentle enough to remove makeup but will also be effective for your personal skin type.  CosMedix Benefit Cleanser is great for most skin types while Purity Clean is perfect for oily/congested skin.

Tone for added protection against clogging pores. Spray a cotton ball with toner and simply swipe your face.  Benefit Balance is gentle enough for all types while Purity Balance works well with clogged conditions. 

Enhance your cleansing by using the Clarisonic brush, which will clean your skin 6 times better than you can manually!

Moisturize to protect and hydrate according to your skin type.  CosMedix Mystic provides hydration without the greasy feeling.  Phytoclear works as the best moisturizer for those “hormonal breakouts”.  Hydrate+ is a light moisturizer with and added protection of SPF 17. 

This simple routine will only take you 3-5 minutes morning and night.  Create the habit within 21 days and see the results.  Suede Salon Spa and Body offers Complimentary Consultations to help you jump start into a Skin Regiment that works best for your skin type.  
Book Today 856-985-0700

Cosmedix Products Sold at Suede Salon Spa and Body:

Clarity Supplements $30.00
Balance Supplements $48.00
Restore Supplements:  $34.00

Benefit Clean $34.00
Purity Clean $34.00
Benefit Balance $34.00
Purity Balance $34.00

Mystic $36.00
Phytoclear $58.00
Hydrate + $46.00

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What is Beauty?

"Beauty" is a Noun;

1.       A combination of qualities; such as Shape, Color or Form that pleases the aesthetic senses.

2.       A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

Some Say “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”, but whose eyes are they talking about?  As humans we are gifted with the ability of sight, so the way beauty is identified will vary by each individual.  What may be beautiful to one can be unappealing to another.  That’s why we are usually very specific in our direct outlook on beauty.   As an artist in the beauty industry it has become a passion and a lifelong process to develop the skills to create the 3 things that the definition talked about.  Shape, color and form are essential in our industry.    We develop shapes color and forms using a different foundation; hair, skin, body and nails.  For example we can form or shape hair into millions of options using the best canvas of all…. You.

We developed methods in hair cutting for example that can accentuate certain features or choose to conceal flaws.  We can bring out the best suitable color for your hair even eyes and skin tones.  We can form eyebrows to best suit a specific facial shape and skull structure.  We can address challenging skin and body complaints thru services and product regiments.  That is only a brief intro to what the beauty industry professionals have to offer.  My suggestions would be to seek out the great artists that can truly make you look and feel your best!  Most importantly do your research and educate yourself on salons, professional products, fashion and accessories.  But please have fun doing it!

Now to the next Question:  Does external beauty equal internal beauty?  Some say external beauty opens locked doors, but when people look for external beauty they tend to forget about feelings. The truth is that internal beauty is much more important than external beauty but sometimes our geographical location dictates otherwise and can very well be a cultural dilemma.  Please make an effort to make that internal beauty a priority in your life and the external beauty will glow. Now back to the question at hand, “Does beauty please the intellect or moral senses? “That answer is up to you to find out, if you make the external beauty priority more power to you, but hopefully you will concentrate on making the internal beauty will equally matched.

Our industry is not only about creating beauty by providing the skills we have mastered, but by also listening.  Most importantly your beauty consultant should be a person you can and should trust, not only with your looks and appearance but with your feeling as well.  So get out there, find the best suitable beauty professional.  Put your trust and faith in their hands and watch the amazing process unfold, your external and internal beauty will thank you for making a great decision, I promise!

At Suede Salon Spa and Body, we offer all the great services we just discussed, for all your hairstyling/cutting, skin care, makeup, waxing, body and nail needs.  We also offer amazing Spa services to relax the mind, body and spirit for that inter beauty glow.  I encourage all to be a guest in our facility and experience the extremely talented group of people that I have the pleasure to be associated with, you won’t be disappointed. 

Remember beauty is in the “Eye of the beholder”. 

Salvatore Patane
Creative Director

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Suede Salon Spa and Body's launches their first "Beauty Blog"

August 2012, we are excited to launch Suede Salon Spa and Body's first Beauty Blog.

Suede Salon Spa and Body is a full service Salon and Day Spa located in Marlton NJ open seven days a week.

With over 100 employees, all focused on beauty and fashion, our intent is to expose you to the latest, hottest trends and beauty tricks used by the professional. Suede Salon Spa and Body has the reputation of designing cutting edge styles for Hair and Makeup, at the same time creating beauty for Skin and health for Body.

Each month different seasoned artists will form a dialogue between reader and expert to unveil tips on how to create runway trends for every day. You'll get to experience how-to videos, product reviews, healthy recipes and step by step guides on how to look and feel your best.

Our overall goal is to always give you creative looks that you can re-create with ease.

Kim, Nancy, and Lisa

Monday, July 23, 2012

Marlton, NJ - New App!

We are proud to announce that we've gone mobile! We now have apps available for Android and Apple, as well as a mobile-friendly site. Just scan the QR codes below to get started!